Jeep - Willys M38A1

1952 - 1971

Jeep Military vehicle
Military Vehicle, Willys Jeep M38A1

Vehicle overview

The Willys M38A1, or MD, was a four-wheel drive utility vehicle made by Willys from 1952 to 1971. It was widely procured by the U.S. military from 1952 until 1957, after which it was purchased by the U.S. Marine Corps and exported to foreign governments until the end of production in 1971.

About the vehicle

The M38A1 was the first vehicle to feature the round fender design that would later become the distinguishing body style of the CJ-5 (part of the Universal CJ series).

Produced first in 1952, following the retirement of the M38 model, the M38-A1 was re-designed as an “stand-alone” improvement, featuring round front fenders, a contoured hood, a two-piece windshield, top mounted windshield wipers, and powered by the new “Hurricane” F-Head engine and Warner T90 transmission.

The M38A1 (referred to by Willys as the “MD”), like the M38, had a frame and suspension that was much stronger than its civilian sibling, the CJ-5.

Interesting facts

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In general, the prescribed organizational maintenance responsibilities will apply as reflected in the allocation of tools and spare parts in the appropriate columns of the current ORD 7 supply manual pertaining to this vehicle and in accordance with the extent of disassembly prescribed in this manual for the purpose of cleaning, lubricating, or replacing authorized spare parts.

Technical specifications


Cooling system11 ½ qt
Crankcase (refill)4 ½ qt
Differential (each)2 ½ qt
Fuel tank (M38A1)17 gal
Transmission1 qt
Transfer3 pt



Dimensions (M38A1)

Height (overall maximum)73 ¾"
Height (lowest operable)56 ½"
Length (overall maximum)138 ⅝"
Width (overall maximum)60 ⅞"
Ground clearance minimum9 ⅚"
Tire size7.00 x 16
Tire Pressure28 psi
Tread (front & rear)49 ⅛"
Transfer caseDana 18
Front axleDana 25 (1952-1960)
or Dana 27 (1961-1971)
Rear axleDana 44
Fuel capacity17 gal
Other2-piece windshield
24 volt electrical

Engine type

4-134 F Head Motor (475)All years
Engine type134 CID (2.2L) F4-134 Hurricane 14
Number of cylinders4
Cu-In. displacement134.2 cu. in. (2199,53 cm 3)
Horsepower72@4000 rpm
Torque114 lb-ft. (15,7 kg-m.)
Compression ratio6.9 to 1